08/07/12 - Nick Jackson Racing is unavailable until further notice per his webmaster.

Nick...do you think by ignoring me this is just going to go away?  Instead of using someone to backdoor their way into the site, why don't you address this problem with me?  I see every attempt that has been made in the last year to get into the site.  I see each of your visits.  Lame.   You must take great joy in using people to your benefit.  It's obvious you have absolutely no regard for me, my time, my work or efforts, and that is fucked up given all that my dad has done for you over the years.  I stepped up to help you because he did unconditionally.

For nearly 10 years you have avoided my email, phone, and  in-person requests about returning that master video tape, yet your little-man mentality has managed to turn this into nothing more than a big joke.  You are full of nothing but a long string of excuses, and are no true friend to anyone but yourself.  You suck. 

10/11/06 -Scene Magazine Feature:

"He's a dick. An egomaniac. A bully who struts around as if he's mayor.

He terrorizes employees. Turns a negotiation over a festival permit into a power play. Doesn't return a councilman's phone calls. Doesn't even pretend to care.

This is what people say about Nick Jackson."

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The Face of Incompetence